torsdag 31. juli 2008


as Ikea launches their 2009 catalogue next week,
let's go back a couple of years and take a look at some
of their more memorable commercials...


French design group 5.5 designed these wallpapers
for you - or your guests - to liven up.
we especially fell for the labyrinth.

onsdag 30. juli 2008

movie of week

yeah, I have to agree with the Baron;
if you haven't yet experienced The Cockettes,
buy it here!
it's fantastical!

need a piss?

Clark Sorensen of San Francisco got tired of peeing
and wanted it to be more of a beautiful experience
(or something or other),
so he created flower shaped urinals.

No, he really did...

...this kinda disturbs me a little bit more than the others, though.
(I won't go into figure out why)

book of the week

we came across this book on
and immediately got the blues.
buy it! let them be sad no more!

Ricky Boscarino jewelery

...fancy wearing sperm on your collar?
Or perhaps a small uterus?
Well, thanks to this guy, now you can!
Made in silver, bronze or a combination of these,
and in a limited edition, mind you!

uterus pin

enema bag (with or without butt)

colon of joy

sperm and fallopian tubes

See the whole collection at Luna Parc

animal index

for kids or adults...these brighten up the shelves!
you can get them here
(you might need some help translating, though...)

The Three Legged Legs

The Three Legged Legs took part in Zune Arts showcase
with this fantastic little film Piece of Me, Piece of You

anger management

Yarisal Kublitz created the Anger Release Machine.
Put some coins in and a statuette is released,
shattering upon its fall.
Great idea, but I'd rather smash it myself...

future's so bright...

Austrian design duo Elements is behind this lamp, appropriately named Ray.
Kinda cool, kinda dorky - but it creates a nice shadow.

tirsdag 29. juli 2008

Joel Peter Witkin

often controversial, as one would be considered when using limbs, deformed or dead people as props, JPW is still able to bring you some of the most haunting, disturbingly beautiful images through his art. Witkin draws inspiration from classical arts, and claims that his vision and sensibility were initiated by an episode he witnessed when he was just a small child, a car accident that occurred in front of his house in which a little girl was decapitated.

Do your own search, knowing some of the images can be quite gruesome


The fusion of balkan folk music and rock is increasingly popular.
Kroatian Let3 mixes electro-infused rock with sheer madness,
resulting in the most abnormal stage shows...yay!
Both entertaining and provocative,
they serve up a mix of public suicide,
stripping, phallic grandmothers and more stripping.

They perform at Blå in Oslo tomorrow night at 9pm!

denis darzacq

paris based photographer denis darzacq
recently completed a new series of photographs entitled ‘hyper’.
the series explores ‘the place of the individual in society’,
a common theme in his work.
none of the works have been digitally manipulated.
instead, darzacq recruited young dancers and sportsmen to pose for the series
using empty supermarkets as a backdrop.

emma hack

using wallpaper designed by florence broadhurst,
hack paints models to match, making them literally disappear into the wall.
her detailed work matches the walls patterns to a tee, creating an effect that
even the best photoshop jockey would be hard pressed to replicate.

kaja gjedebo

norwegian jewelery designer kaja gjedebo
creates some fantastic cufflinks in silver and resin!
you can even get them custom made, so for more images and works,
check out her website

doshi levien

Doshi Levien is a London based design office led by Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi.
My beautiful backside is a seating collection launched by Moroso during Salone '08.
This range draws upon a miniature painting of a Maharani sitting on the floor of her palace, surrounded and supported by multiples of pebble shaped cushions.


it seems arm pits are the latest body part to be used in advertising -
known as pitvertising.
deodrant manufacturer Right Guard developed digital tv screens
that were built into the armpits of shirts to advertise their products.
A hired team of 'Pitvertisers' was sent out into the streets of London to test the new medium.
and no, it's not a joke...

gregory crewdson

new york based gregory crewson is one of the most well-known and
influential photographers working in the US today.
his dramatic and moody imagery recalls
surrealistic scene of americana.
love his work!

The Dresden Dolls

Love this dark cabaret duo!
They blend the aesthetics of the decadent, risqué German Weimar-era cabarets and 1920s burlesque and vaudeville shows with the morbid, gloomy stylings of post-1970s-goth culture, gothic rock, punk, deathrock, and darkwave music - often influenced by Marlene Dietrich's singing or the singing in a Kurt Weill operetta.

Girl Anachronism

Coin Operated Boy

IKEA Kläps

IKEA launches their 2009 catalogue next week -
one of the new items is this quite reasonable coffin
designed by Joe Scanlan...

mandag 28. juli 2008

tattoo mania

so, there's this guy in China named Wim Delvoye. he tattoos pigs....
I love his reasoning when he says that we, as humans, are so close to the pigs
that we even can use their organs...and that somehow makes it ok...
funny, but WTF??

Here's a clip from BBC's programme Art Safari

søndag 27. juli 2008

HRH Die Prinzessin Hans

this fabulous creature visited Oslo last spring,
and we're sad so many of you missed it!
she may be over 100 years old, but she still belts out songs
like there's no tomorrow;
from old lieder songs, to abba and pj harvey!
She often performs with her sidekick, Lord Loveaduck.
Hopefully they'll pay us a visit again soon...
in the meantime, visit her on myspace...

lørdag 26. juli 2008

popping 2009

who doesn't love bubble wrap?
here's a great way to get through 2009.
available here


Moleskines are by far the best notebook on the market;
simple & elegant, handy, beautiful's got it all.
Now you can get your very own design on the books,
thanks to the good people at engrave your book.

here are a few examples: