søndag 27. juli 2008

HRH Die Prinzessin Hans

this fabulous creature visited Oslo last spring,
and we're sad so many of you missed it!
she may be over 100 years old, but she still belts out songs
like there's no tomorrow;
from old lieder songs, to abba and pj harvey!
She often performs with her sidekick, Lord Loveaduck.
Hopefully they'll pay us a visit again soon...
in the meantime, visit her on myspace...

2 kommentarer:

sunniva sa...

What I mean is that we should concentrate on things like that fact that today it's actually slaves in this world! people die cause they don't get enough food and water! people live a life in prostitution!
PLEASE! spend a few minutes in africa...
and btw I've been to a fox farm!

Baron von Bulldog sa...

Sunniva needs to learn a few things... by the way, HRH Die Prinzessin Hans is motherfuckingfantasticfab!